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Lunch Boxes

Our bento-style meal containers for kids and adults are designed to make it easy to bring healthy meals on the go.

Customer Reviews


We really like this


My son got a chill bento box as a gift. It's great option to use the chill pack. However the clip mechanism doesn't Close properly. So customer service will be sending us a new one.


Love so much this bentgo box , keep all day chilled fruits , yogurt and cheese . No extra ice pack need it . Super durable and easy to clean

Ale B

This is such a great box! It really is, the fact that the ice pack is built it makes it for me. We got the confetti color and I love the look of it. Very excited and like our other Bentgo boxes I forsee it lasting a while.


The lunchbox is great but I ordered an additional tray with lid and it doesn't close properly, not happy about that.


I got a deal on this and had to buy a 2nd one. Love that has a built in ice pack. Keeps my kids fruit cold. She won’t eat it if it’s warm. So this lasts cold until her lunch time. Had a small issue with the latch but customer service was great and resolved my issue no problem. Would highly recommend this box.


We have had the Bentgo Kids Chill lunchboxes for over a year. We love them.

I actually bought two more boxes and the replacement trays to do food prep on Sundays. This t makes it super easy to pop it in the box in the mornings. I the boxes ready for the one day and the other one ready for the next day. Then when she gets home I can wash the box and put in a new tray.

They seal tightly and do not leak out the sides. Sometimes a little bit will leak from one compartment to the other (like if I add frozen cherries and the juice will sometimes leak) but it’s rare.

The only con is that it’s a bit heavy. My daughter actually uses two of these boxes each day- one for a snack and one for her lunch. Both together in the lunch bag is heavy with the food. Because of this we don’t use the ice pack every day (to reduce some of the weight) but it’s nice to have when needed.

Definitely worth the purchase and we are extremely happy!


Have to cut the sandwich in half. BUT this does allow me to pack fruits and veggies and minimize my plastic use. I love the cold pack. We also do frozen yogurt, so I have I send a separate lunch box for her snacks and frozen yogurt.


I purchased my first Bentgo Box about a year ago and wanted to try it out for my son. I absolutely fell in love with it and its size. The different compartment sizes makes it so easy to make a snack box lunch which is the way my son likes to eat. We will definitely be on the lookout for newer models of these lunch boxes in the future to fit his growing needs :)