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Among friends and fellow skiers we founded this brand.

Customer Reviews

Jarrod M.

This is my goto ski! I've had so much fun in the bumps and groomers.

Jason F.

The skis look great and have out performed all expectations. They perform great in ideal conditions and hold an excellent edge even in the iciest conditions. The return policy and warranty make it easy choice, but I highly doubt you would want to return these awesome skis

Marcus P

Skis look amazing, but ride even better than they look. I upgraded from a pair of beginner skis, and was worried I wouldn’t get enough benefit, but I was more than pleasantly surprised how amazing the skis were. they turned super smooth, had enough flex for some rough runs, and cruised through powder like it was a groomed trail. Only advice is don’t wait! You won’t regret buying these.


This won’t say I’m a verified buyer because I got my pair for Xmas. Absolutely an amazing ski, snappy in bumps and woods, plenty of float for the occasional pow day here on the east coast, great edge hold in icy conditions, and most of all, they’re easily the most damp ski I’ve ever skied. This makes them incredible in the crud where other skis struggle, but it comes at a cost. They’re definitely not a super poppy ski, so if you’re looking to get shot out of turns I might look somewhere else. My only real criticism is that they tend to give out if you push them really fast, but I’d say I notice that in one or two turns per day. Overall if you’re looking for a fast, fun ski to rip anywhere on the mountain I’d highly recommend these skis.

Chris M


Chris M.Verified Buyer

30 months ago

Best skis I’ve rode yet!

Love these skis. Got a few days on them so far and I couldn’t be happier. Super damp when you need it. Plows through crud at bottom of runs while holding an edge and riding like a Cadillac. Was able to float well through the little bit of powder we got no problem. Can’t say enough about how well these things rip on edge. And the bonus of how amazing the skis run is how cool they look. Through some Copper colored Salomon Warden 13’s on them. Customer 4 life!

Daniel E

I got these skis to replace old Salomon Lords for all mountain skiing right before a 6 day ski trip to Switzerland and France. They looked wider than I anticipated at first and I wasn’t sure they would cut as hard as I’d like but I was totally wrong. These skis blew me away. The first day was about 8 inches of fresh powder and the msp 99 ATE IT UP. I then went to a few groomers and carved the fastest and harderst turns I could imagine. The skis carved and cut so hard I was blown away. They’re great and I would totally buy again

brian E.

The quality out of the box is excellent! Beautiful looking ski in the 99 version! The rocker profile in this all terrain ripper Is perfect for on and off piste resort charging! Most days I’ll be on this ski and big days on my Devastators! or Renegades in Cat trips! Sterbenz is King. I had the original MSPs and looking forward to these!

Cody A.

This was a no brainer, the MSP’s are the best skis I’ve ever owned! Satisfied Customer.

Billy N.

(Insert quiver of one/all conditions destroyer/makes me feel rad comment here) About the reviewer: Height: Tall Weight: Alot Age; Almost 40 Skier type: Once referred to as a fat Seth Morrison